They will

They will Follow the children.

They will take you to other highconscious children and to you the magic world will open.

Observing communication between them, we see relationship between the people who yet have not lost authenticity the relationship, the executed pleasures and pleasure.

Look, as they play and will see a true embodiment of the highest vital truth all of us are interconnected; all of us possess enormous forces; in us there are answers to all questions; the body provides to us safety; all of us respond on nothing the caused love and acceptance; all of us are perfect such as is.

Our children blossom and breathe, reveal and shine in the presence of each other.

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Growin such

Growin such Vykhvatyvaniye of subjects also will lock them can touch to cause tears and even to close further aspiration of the child to study world around hands.

Growin such children do not want to learn to carry out certain manipulations with subjects.

I had to meet many adult people with children's fears of development of types of manual activity.

So, one man, the teacher of higher education institution when to it suggested to participate together with all in work on a garden, unexpectedly for all cried that it can wound a finger and to it it will be sick.

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Pick up a vessel

Pick up a vessel Received in process such occupations tactile feelings also positively influence development of hands.

To lower small subjects in a vessel with a narrow neck In such games we develop ability to suffice or two fingers big and index.

Pick up a vessel with a narrow neck it is possible to use a small plastic bottle and small subjects it can be stones, haricot, balls or beads, details mosaics.

Suggest the kid to lower them in a small bottle.

Watch, that the child took on one detail, pay its attention that a small bottle is necessary to support the second hand Upon termination of work close a bottle a cover and contents.

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Also that

Also thatProbably, owing to such education your son will not be a sword about big wealth, but also poor it too will not be.

A cart it is possible, your daughter will not want to become supermodel, but itwill cause sympathies as the person.

They since the childhood will understand,that their life – treasure as in it it is concealed call shy possibility – to live in harmony with people and the nature.

Also that the most important understanding the world in which they live, childrenwill grow happy people.

part Life school to be the personone fine day, to be exact in ponedela nik in the afternoon, I sat on business vstre with dear person who delivers to the big organizations of lecturers and prepodavatepour for professional training.

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There is Vrubel's Tsarevna

There is Vrubel's Tsarevna The book which at this stage Vitalik prefers all to the rests, Pushkin Fairy tale on tsar Saltan.

He knows it almost by heart, without the end considers pictures, comparing two different editions the book and to Vanin.

And after all on slides we have Bilibin's illustrations to it standing under a window at three maidens the tsar, the ship rushing in full sail.

There is Vrubel's Tsarevna swan the best Tsarevna swans not to find.

I show to Vitalik krutogrudy castles with sails of ancient Slavs on carat to Roerich's ooze, taking great pain to enrich his impressions.

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Children Stay in a present situation.

You should get out of the nervous network turning you into a puppet of standard reactions and unconscious models.

Children feel and reproduce our hidden emotional problems.

TheyEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONare literally adjusted on vibration of adults and imitate of.

Watching behavior of the child, quietly wonder What part of my personality here is reflected and attentively listen to the answer.

Watching children, it is possible to learn a lot of things about itself.

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Your attention, and other

Your attention, and other Find time when to it is, and feed with is it is timeEyes HURTOn someone does not want, is afraid to lookProtect it, protect from the unpleasant person If it change accustom to drinking the relationAbout what the disobedient child reportsThe disobedient child it is not always bad.

It can resist to your requirements for several reasons.

Your attention, and other methods, except active behavior is necessary for it, it did not find.

He aspires to draw to itselfhimself your attention in any way, even destroying and irritating all.

Disagreement with your position is the right of the child to Y.

Esli's definition it is still small till years, his protest can be caused by violation of the day regimen necessary to it or hunger.

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